It is unrealistic reasoning on the off chance that we accept that a single application is a responsible for maintaining all business questions on data analytics. While Google Analytics is extraordinary compared to other analytics platforms available today, it may very well so happen it doesn’t fit your bill. Possibly you’re simply a fledgling and all you need is a basic easy to use choice, not that Google Analytics isn’t that. However, you get what I’m attempting to say, isn’t that right? All things considered, you looked for choices to Google Analytics.

Primary concern is, we get that however there may be some of you who may contend that Google Analytics is the awesome we can’t just guarantee others aren’t.

To spare the nitty-gritty details, out of the various web analytics tools are there today, we’ve accumulated top notch of the 5 best Google Analytics options for your site.

Yet, hold up stand by – before we look at these – let us do a fast recap of what web analytics is and its motivation.

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is the measure and examination of information on your website pages to comprehend the user conduct on your website.

For example, these bits of knowledge incorporate estimating the number of clients visited a specific page on your website, how long they remained, did they exit or explore to an alternate page on the website, the links they clicked, etc.

On the off chance that you maintain a business, this is vital as you can even quantify the transformation rate – i.e did any of your users make a buy or sign-up on your site.

Purpose of Web Analytics

Basically, web analytics encourages you with the accompanying:

  1. Improve your user experience and commitment
  2. Comprehend user conduct to streamline your website for higher conversions
  3. Create vital goals and metrics to accomplish wanted outcomes

At this point, you probably comprehended that Google Analytics is one of the tools that can help you track and measure goals and objectives for your website and improve the conversion rate of your website.

Nonetheless, if in any way, shape or form you wish to utilize another option. Here are the 5 best Google Analytics choices as indicated by us.

Here goes.

  1. Woopra 

Woopra offers website analytics to follow, dissect and envision each customer touchpoint focusing on their excursions, patterns, individuals, maintenance and mechanization. This top to bottom analysis causes them give key bits of knowledge of how to improve user experience, commitment and maintenance. Alongside this, they considerably offer more than 50 one-click integrations like Google Ads, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zendesk, and more to give information driven examination in one spot.


It is priced at a free-90 day trial post which if you want to continue using you need to upgrade to the Pro plan that costs $999/mo. Sure it is expensive, however, with features like advanced analytics and real-time stats for websites, as well as, mobile applications, live chat systems, and emails it is well worth the money invested especially if you are a SaaS entrepreneur.

It is estimated at a free-90 day trial post which in the event that you need to keep utilizing you need to move up to the Pro plan that costs $999/month. Sure it is costly, nonetheless, with features like advanced analytics and real-time stats data for websites, just as, mobile applications, live chat systems, and email messages it is certainly justified regardless of the money invested particularly in the event that you are a SaaS business person.

  1. FoxMetrics 

FoxMetrics is a high level data analytics tool that goes on in correlation with what Google Analytics offers. They offer custom data models wherein the data is data in a data warehouse and reports can be created with the assistance of SQL.


Their basic plan named ‘Solo’ is estimated at $199/month. This plan is compelling in the event that you just have one website and are simply beginning, in any case, in the event that you have various applications, their upgraded plans are a superior options. Truth be told, they presently offer free plans for new businesses, minority-owned, education, and non-profits. You should simply sign-up. On the off chance that you will probably follow significant data and you have specialized technical knowledge then this is the best tool for you.

  1. Clicky

Clicky is a tool that highly esteems giving continuous tracking stats of what your clients do on your website. It is a traffic tracking apparatus that helps your track commitment progressively with the utilization of heatmaps, uptime observing and the sky is the limit from there.


Additionally, it even offers features like definite segment data, spam referrer and bot filtering. With regards to pricing Clicking offers both a free and a premium version at $9.99/month. Generally, this is one of the least complex and best choices to Google Analytics.

  1. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is another well known visitor tracking tool for your website. It offers an amazing funnel analysis to comprehend user conduct and tools to automate client commitment. Also, they give various solutions for SaaS and e-commerce related business companies dependent on what turns out best for each sort. Truth be told, you would be astonished to realize that their offer is contrasting themselves with Google Analytics straightforwardly, ‘Your site is about individuals, not sessions. Your data ought to be as well.


They don’t offer a free version yet you can demand a demo prior to choosing if the platform is appropriate for your necessities. With regards to evaluating their starter plan for both SaaS and e-commerce starts at $299/month and can be charged as yearly basis at $2,699/yr with a 25% rebate.

  1. Mixpanel

Mixpanel analytics deals with the rule that the actions that a user takes on your website are a higher priority than tracking simply the website page views. With Mixpanel you can create client flow reports that map how the clients explore on your site, how your product is utilized i.e which product is famous and which isn’t, the place where and for what reason do the client’s drop-off in this pipe, and the clients that are held.


They offer a free version, an exceptional Growth version valued at $17/month, just as, a custom Enterprise plan.

Get Set Analyse

The accurate analytics tool can help you plan and strategise your marketing activities better, thusly, assisting you with understanding clients all the more intently and hold them. All things considered, it can assist you with developing and scale your business with important and noteworthy experiences.

Despite the fact that Google Analytics is an awesome tool, in the event that you have chosen to go with another we trust that these choices to Google Analytics caused you limited down your pursuit.

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