COVID-19 disease is spreading in all over the world rapidly, due to this, trend of online business has become more safe and sound for tons of businesses in the world.

Tete-a-tete contact has been to most of the Educational institutions, sports clubs and Brick-and-mortar stores. They have reconsidered their communications strategies on urgent basis and moved all their activities online.

At PakCloudHost, we have launched a new set of domain extensions for our valuable clients. We wants to help many institutions and businesses to make their place on the world wide web, such as farms, chefs, gyms, coffee shops, and schools. We wants them to get online in niche-specific and distinctive manner.

Read the following article and check that how you can grow online market of small businesses and expand your client range by registering these specialized extensions to your store.



As an essential wellspring of education and knowledge to kids, schools help shape our brains and aptitudes since the beginning.

With .SCHOOL launched in 2015 for registration, a great many learning initiatives and schooling institutions have their own namespace where they can spread education and knowledge in an unmistakable, directed way.

By adding .SCHOOL to their name, primary and secondary schools can undoubtedly set up a conspicuous online profile where they can distribute uniform guidelines, term and holiday periods, course educational activites, sports and music occasions, workshops, and school trips.

The .SCHOOL TLD is additionally an ideal naming decision for all school-related substances, for example, course book distributors and educational professionals, to assist them with recognizing their profile in their educational community circle.

What’s more, since school isn’t just about the institution itself just, yet learning all in all, .SCHOOL can be utilized for a wide range of workshops zeroed in on showing abilities in coding, experimental writing, calligraphy, sewing, dancing, yoga, vehicle driving, and so on.

By determining the name of their courses and adding .SCHOOL toward the end, coaches can set up their e-teaching environment more easily and collaborate with their understudies through an online web address.

.SCHOOL is an open TLD with no particular pre-registrations standards to follow. Any individual, group, or business can register this extension to promote their school—or workshop—introducing site all the more successfully.


Coffee is most drinkable drink for over half of the world’s adult population. Lots of people, drinks Coffee in their breakfast in morning as a great energizer to start a good day.

Many coffee lovers, enjoys drinking coffee of their favourite beverage, with reading newspaper or book in hand at any local restaurant or cafe, becomes a great pleasure for them.

Due to that reason, .CAFE extension has been launched in 2015. A memorable and distinctive namespace has been provided to lots of coffee shops all over the world to setup a recognizable virtual cafe easily.

To get some relax and interact with community, cafes are great socializing hub for that. In .CAFE extension, you only need to take the name of your coffee shop and adding .CAFE after it. A marketable web address can be easily formed that your customers can interact with you online. Your customers can know about new promotion events and coffee specialties around the corner.

.CAFE is very useful for the owners that have included “cafe” in their coffee houses name. It is a memorable and short namespace like, etc. You can register .CAFE at PakCloudHost. Owners that have “café” in the name of their coffee houses will find it useful to have a short and memorable namespace: such as,,, etc. by registering .CAFE for their online address. As it is a general fact that ‘cafe’ means coffee in any language, .CAFE extension is very suitable for the business that is involved in distribution and/or production of coffee.

Many coffee bloggers has developed their own blogs regarding coffee. They can use the .CAFE extension to make a memorable web presence. They have published many valuable reviews of different coffee brands and insights about the cafe culture generally.

If you are mostly active on social media regarding your coffee business, then you can register your website with .CAFE extension for a marketable namespace and publish your new .CAFE website on your social media pages to increase your website’s search engine appearance via keyword-driven domain name.

There is no any eligibility restrictions for registering .CAFE domain, .CAFE domain can be registered for any coffee-related purpose by any individual, group or business.

.CAFE extension gives a wide marketing opportunity to you due to enormous coffee addictions being spreaded all over the world. PakCloudHost is offering .CAFE extension to our valuable clients on very reasonable rates in just $32.99/year.


In 2014, a new extension .FARM is introduced. For presenting the productions and technologies online, farming industry has. At the point when humanity abandoned tracker hunter-gatherers to settlers, farming got one of the critical components of acculturated social orders.

When .FARM introduced in 2014, the farming business has a devoted namespace for introducing its produce and advancements on the web. The .FARM TLD is the ideal online home for all way of farms for rural produce, for example, dairy farms, hay farms, rice farms, micro farms, commercial farms, orchards, vineyards, poultry farms, fish farms, apiaries, ranches, urban forms, and so forth. Little family farms can exploit this namespace to make an observable online stand and extend their span past the lines of their nearby community.

By adding the name of the farm to the .FARM extension, farmers can develop awesome websites that are memorable, concise, and—the majority of all—relevant to industry. With the quick development of rural advancements, farming has become an interesting issue for conversation. This makes .FARM an attrractive extension for online social networks who examine and share the most recent farming strategies and methods in the field of present day farming. Experts in the farming business, for example, rural specialists, examiners, and scientists, can likewise utilize .FARM to add a specialist feel to their online tribune.

.FARM is an open TLD with no particular enlistment necessities to follow. Any individual, group, or business can get .FARM domain name to advance their farming related website all the more viably. With the worldwide interest for quality food developing, the market capability of farming has filled significantly as of late. PakCloudHost is offering .FARM domain on very reasonable rates in just $32.99/year.


Keeping your lifestyle of life healthy is significant and, as its name recommends, fitness is perhaps the most mainstream approaches to accomplish that. In 2014, .fitness is introduced for public registrations, .FITNESS offers a huge number of fitness experts worldwide an unmistakable and exceptionally illustrative namespace to speak to their exercise ideas on the web. The .FITNESS TLD is open for registration to any recovery center or gym that is centered around getting individuals healthy with diet and exercise.

Individual fitness coaches are urged to exploit this namespace to feature their job and grow the range of their programs to more individuals needing getting sound.

Providers of activity classes, or heart stimulating exercise exercises in video format, will have the option to connect with more online viewers by including the “fitness” keyword in their website address. Forums or blogs that talk about different eating routine plans can get a special memorable consummation for their web address that will help their readers discover them online in the pool of traditional “.com” websites.

With .FITNESS, finding the best web address that suits your business or hobby is simple gratitude to the incredible accessibility this new namespace offers. .FITNESS is an open domain TLD with no particular pre-registration rules to follow. Any individual, group, or business can get .FITNESS TLD to market their fitness related website all the more adequately. With a growing number of individuals needing powerful preparing to get into good shape, fitness related organizations and activities have picked up incredible prevalence in these years.

As an accomplice of our own, you can address the developing wellness propelled crowd, be it neighborhood or worldwide, by offering .FITNESS on your store. PakCloudHost is offering .FIRNESS domain on very reasonable rates in just $32.99/year.


Recipes are the explanations that encourages us transform food into a dining experience for the senses. Other than making our lives simpler and easier, recipes likewise allow us to appreciate the specialty of cooking and accomplish stunning outcomes in the kitchen.

When launched for registration in 2014, the .RECIPES extension was pointed toward giving large number of cooking aficionados and experts an expressive namespace tribune where they could share their food cooking procedures and awesome food thoughts with the correct crowd. The .RECIPES extension is a suggested and applicable fixing in the web address of every food-related website.

It is the ideal spot for chefs and all way of cooking experts to share their professional tips, tricks, and exhortation with social networks communities everywhere on the globe. Foodies and a wide range of cooking lunatics can utilize the .RECIPES domain TLD to feature their cooking enthusiasm and attract more followers.

Cooking and food forums and blogs can exploit the showcasing intensity of .RECIPES to sustain more prominent interest inside their online social networks. Food makers and supermarkets thusly can keep up revenue in their items by posting routinely new recipes and cooking tips for their clients on their .RECIPES site. With .RECIPES, any individual who is some way or another identified with the specialty of cooking can transform their site into the go-to place for recipes and unequivocally focus on their audience.

.RECIPES is an open domain TLD with no particular pre-registration rules to follow. Any individual, group, or business can get .RECIPES TLD to advocate their recipes-stacked site all the more viably. With an ever increasing number of individuals needing a “formula for a superior life” these days, particularly during pandemic occasions, the quantity of recipes propelled sites is developing each day.

To take advantage of this growing business sector specialty, you can begin offering .RECIPES on your store with a tick of the mouse, as an accomplice of our own. PakCloudHost is offering .RECIPES TLD in just $49.99/year.



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