Many people thinks and confuses that there is no difference between and This confusion is very much justified on the grounds, because the names are actually the same.

  • Otherwise known as self-hosted WordPress, is the genuine open source WordPress software program that anybody can download and use anyway they need. You need to buy your own domain name, web hosting, and have full control over everything.
  • is one explicit “website as an service” usage based on the software program. hosts your website on their own servers and handles everything for you, yet to the detriment of some adaptability has recently made changes to just obscure the lines more – however that is still whats the major difference between the two comes down to. In the below lines, we’ll dive further into the two choices and show you how this major difference really plays out with regards to developing a website.

Introducing the Players: vs

Before explaining the features of these two, we introduce you with the players. open source software

Just to repeat: is an open-source software program running by the non-profit WordPress Foundation. is a revenue driven business possessed via Automattic that uses the open source software program.

These two entities are officially separate, however the unofficial lines can get obscured in light of the fact that Matt Mullenweg is both the founder of the WordPress Foundation and Automattic. Therefore, the two elements remain firmly connected.

Both Platforms Make It Easy to Create a Website

Now, it’s especially simple to make a site with both and All things considered, it’s difficult to reject that the process is much simpler with Here’s a fast review of the stuff to begin with each option.

How to Create a Website With

With, making a new website is really as easy as registering an account on a website. If you are a beginner, you don’t need to fool around with hosting or domains:

Creating a website with

Creating a website with

The whole process will be completed within minutes and your account at will be ready.

How Much is charging for creating a website on it? offers are from 100% free to $24.92 per month.

In free plan, your website will have following limitations:

  • Your website will be a subdomain of – like
  • ads will be displayed
  • Storage space will be limited

However, in paid plans, you can use your own custom domain name and ads will be removed from your website. Moreover, you have still some limited features in it. What you can do in paid plans (carry on to read below lines)

How to Create a Website With

In, it is not same as like creating an account. However, its process is beginer-friendly. That’s why it is popular than other CMS programs.

To start with, you need to get the followings:

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting

WordPress hosting

Example of a WordPress host

After that, software program can be installed on your own web hosting. PakCloudHost is offering 1-click installer, in which you can install WordPress software program in just a few clicks – no technical skills required.

To create a website with, how much it will be cost?

You have to bear only 2 following expenses with

  • Domain name – ~$11.06 per year for a “.com” domain name
  • Web hosting – It can be charged as $3-5 monthly.

When you have done the above expenses, you can now create a website for as low as – $50 per year. Is More Flexible For Most Users

An astonishing aspect regarding WordPress is its dynamic third-party theme and plugin networks. Themes and plugins basically let you roll out colossal improvements to how your WordPress site both looks and functions.

With, you’re allowed to install whatever WordPress themes and plugins you need, while doesn’t allow you to install themes and plugins on most plans.

WordPress plugins

The official plugin directory

Is it Allowed to Install Third-Party Extensions on

For a very long time, the response to the query was a hard, no. Presently, recent changes make it somewhat murkier, however the appropriate response is still no for most of users.

Since August 2017, users of Business plan of who pays $300 yearly can install third-party WordPress themes and plugins. That gives those users fundamentally similar ability to install extensions as self-hosted users.

Users of all remaining plans, including both free and paid, are not all that fortunate. That is, users on Free, Personal, or Premium plans can’t install third-party themes and plugins.

This is one of the significant drawbacks of basically forfeits adaptability in exchange for simplicity.

In the event that you simply need a casual hobby blog, that tradeoff might be enough to you. In any case, in the event that you need a site that you can adjust and genuinely make your own, you’ll see that a lot simpler to achieve with

Facing website downtime and WordPress issues? PakCloudHost’s WordPress hosting is designed to give you freedom from these issues. Look at our hosting packages

Is it Allowed to Install Third-Party Extensions on

We have already explained the whole distinction here, yet we should go through it rapidly in anyway.

With, you can easily install any of the huge number of third-party themes, plugins and WooCommerce extensions on your site. You have 100% control of what occurs on your website. Simplifies Security, But Isn’t Inherently More Secure

Since most plans are a closed ecosystem, websites that you develop with are by default more secure. All things considered, as long as you set up the right essential WordPress security practices, is similarly as secure.

How Handles Security

With, you obviously don’t have to worry about security. Since the system is secured, you don’t have the authority to make your site helpless, regardless of whether you needed to oddly enough.

How Handles Security

Once more we state, is similarly as secure as However, you’re the person who’s now responsible to maintain that security.

It’s not particularly confounded – your host can assist for certain parts, and WordPress security plugins can do the majority of the rest for you.

But, you certainly need to give more consideration to security on than Keep in mind – that is the tradeoff you pay for greater adaptability. Lets You Monetize Your Site However You’d Like

As per restricted adaptability, one of the significant disadvantages of is that you’re in some cases restricted in the ways that you can make money from your website. We’ll experience these limitations underneath.

On the other side, with, you have zero limitations. You can monetize your website through in a real sense any technique that you like. You can even find supportive advertising plugins to assist you with doing it! Monetization Limitations

Monetization Method Limitation
Google AdSense It is allowed on Business plans only
BuySellAds It is allowed on Business plans only
Affiliate marketing Permits affiliate links, but not for “websites that exist basically to drive traffic to affiliate links.”
Sponsored Posts Permits sponsored posts, but doesn’t permit “websites where by far most of content is sponsored content”
eCommerce store It is allowed on Business plans only

Essentially, except if you wants to pay $300 for business plan, you’re still restricted by they way you can make money from your website. Furthermore, even on the Business plan, you’re restricted by’s definition of the number of affiliate links or sponsored posts are too much. vs Which Should You Choose?

In the end, self-hosted is the most ideal choice for most genuine websites. Its adaptability with regards to installing extension, changing functionality, and picking monetization ways makes it better than On the off chance that you have a website with them however might want to move to a self-hosted platform we have a step by step guide: How to Migrate to

Indeed, you should give more attention to things like updates and security, however nor is particularly difficult. All things considered, certainly has its place. In the event that you simply need an casual hobby website and/or potentially wouldn’t fret about forfeiting adaptability in return for ease to use, is as yet a solid alternative.

Furthermore,’s Business plan is mixing the traditional line among and The truth will surface eventually how this change shows itself, yet for the present, it’s too early to tell.

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